Fairytale Residence

Fairytale Residence, a professional commercial resort

A concept without compromises

The Fairytale Residence is based on thoughts and ideas about a reality far from business as usual – and it is a unique concept entirely without compromises in terms of architecture, interior design, choice of materials and service.

Equipped with world-class Danish design

"Danish Design" is a well-known and recognized concept all over the world. The Fairytale Residence reflects this proud tradition and is in all aspects represented by the best of Danish design in any way possible.

Hans Christian Andersen's childhood home just around the corner

The Fairytale Residence is located in the heart of Odense – the capital city of fairytales and birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. The building in which these absolutely exclusive apartments have been equipped is located literally round the corner from Hans Christian Andersen's childhood home.

Each apartment has its own fairytale universe

Each of the 18 apartments in the Fairytale Residence has its own unique fairytale universe that reflects one of Hans Christian Andersen's famous fairy tales.

"High-end" setup, 24/7

A service organisation is available to you in the Fairytale Residence 24/7 – with kitchen, restaurant, office facilities, IT, logistics, security and professional service staff who speak Mandarin.

Fairytale Lighthouse: Global Business Relations

The Fairytale Residence is the home base for Fairytale Lighthouse – a professional and global business-oriented network with tremendous potential, where people from mainly Asia, Denmark, and all of Europe will meet to build and develop projects to achieve profitable results.

Concept without compromises


The Fairytale Residence is located in the heart of Odense – the capital city of fairytales and birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. The building in which these highly exclusive apartments will be established is located literally round the corner from Hans Christian Andersen's childhood home. The humble rooms were the inspiring surroundings for the boy who later became the world-famous writer of fairy tales – his mother a washerwoman and his father a poor journeyman cobbler.

Below Munkemøllestræde, the street in which he grew up, the Odense River still runs, and it has for thousands of years created a verdant green belt through Odense. Today, the area remains a green recreational gem, right on the doorstep of the Fairytale Residence.

The oldest part of the building in which the Fairytale Residence will be created was the prison for hard labour in those days! And "Odense Tugthus" ("Odense Jail") could possibly explain the initials "OT" that Hans Christian Andersen used as the title of one of his novels. Andersen visited the prison himself because his parents were friends of the prison administrator, and Andersen himself called the place "røverhistoriernes slot" – "Castle of Tall Tales".

  • The concept of "Danish Design" is familiar all over the world for many reasons. For more than 50 years, world-class Danish designers have been making their mark on the world with their simple, timeless, quality-conscious designs. Names such as Wegner, Juhl, Jacobsen, Mogensen, Kjærholm and others, have for many years been 'first movers' in the Danish tradition of combining design, function and materials.

    The Fairytale Residence seeks to reflect this proud tradition of design; accordingly, the apartments are equipped with the best of Danish design in every way.

  • The Fairytale Residence is a concept entirely without compromises. This applies to the architecture and interior design, choice of materials, level of service and the unique historical association of the actual building with the life of Hans Christian Andersen himself.

    We never compromise on ambitions or quality in the realisation of the Fairytale Residence concept, which is anything but business as usual. The Fairytale Residence is literally a unique, global project unlike anything else anywhere else in the world. And what better place to create a base for new commercial adventures than the capital city of fairytale adventures, Odense?

  • Hans Christian Andersen's writings are a cornucopia of fairy tales, topics, personalities and amusing creatures. This allows us to give each apartment its own fairytale features. Each of the 18 units in the Fairytale Residence complex thus has its own fairytale universe that reflects a specific Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale.

    The Ugly Duckling, The Little Match Girl, The Little Mermaid, The Emperor's New Clothes, Thumbelina, The Princess and the Pea, The Wild Swans, The Tinder-Box, The Steadfast Tin Soldier… and many more fantastic fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, known and read by millions of people all over the world.

Set-up and level of service: High-class, 24/7

As part and parcel of the Fairytale Residence concept, there is a 24/7 service set-up on hand for you and your organization, exactly when you need it.

With a dedicated kitchen and restaurant area serving Chinese breakfasts. A high-end beer bar serving in the cellar serving well-reputed quality products from Funen’s micro-breweries. Part of the premises will be a separate, exclusively furnished private area dedicated to the owners and their client.

Office facilities including all the necessary administrative solutions and IT. Meeting facilities with state-of-the-art IT and audio equipment. The whole area, indoors and outdoors, will be monitored with a high level of professional security. And, most importantly, skilled, professional, well-trained, Mandarin-speaking staff who are ready to offer dedicated, flexible service. They and we will put together a service package tailored to your precise needs when you are in residence and working at the Fairytale Residence.

This is very much a private residence where all your wishes are accommodated – exquisitely.

An exclusive bridgehead to the whole of northern Europe:

From the Fairytale Residence and starting with the Fairytale Lighthouse, you have an exclusive bridgehead from which to do business throughout northern Europe. The Fairytale Residence will be a base from which you can cultivate existing and new business areas. Where you can establish networks across boundaries. The Fairytale Residence will be a place to stay and to meet, where opportunities meet and business is strengthened.

Ownership base retains a high level of investment

The ownership base behind the Fairytale Residence will be an intact network that takes care of operational aspects jointly. Thus, all investors in the exclusive apartments in fairytale Odense will contribute to maintaining their high standards with regard to the physical setting, facilities and the high level of service. The operational concept and the pre-defined commitment ensure that this remains a relevant investment in the short term and in the long term.


The Fairytale Residence concept comprises

  • 18 exclusive apartments
  • Each apartment has its own fairytale universe
  • The apartments vary in size from approx. 60 m2 to approx. 122 m2 plus a share of the communal area: approximately 3,000 m2 altogether
  • bar first floor
  • The price of the apartments ranges from DKK 5.6 million to DKK 15 million.
  • Large business section with three high-standard meeting rooms
  • Secretariat/service centre staffed 24/7 with Chinese-speaking personnel
  • Free Internet, Wi-Fi, Newspapers (Chinese and English)
  • TV package (including Chinese channels)
  • Kitchen, breakfast buffet with Chinese breakfasts (or as requested)
  • Dining/assembly hall seating 50
  • Lounge with mini-bar
  • Beer Bar with private section reserved for owners
  • Private parking spaces
  • Area security
  • Fairytale Lighthouse; Business network
    • Matching of businesses
    • Arranging and facilitating of meetings and events
    • Administrative and legal support
    • VIP card (wellness, shopping, etc.)
    • Administration and facilitation of the business network

The Fairytale Residence is situated in the centre of Odense, Denmark.

Hans Christian Andersen (HCA) Airport - Odense: 15 km (30 minutes by car)

Copenhagen Airport - Odense: 170 km (1 hour 45 minutes by car, 2 hours by train)

Billund Airport & Lego - Odense (105 km, 1h15min by car; 2h.10min by train)

About Fairytale Lighthouse

– Global Business Relations


When you invest in Fairytale Residence, you will simultaneously be participating in Fairytale Lighthouse, where we are writing the first chapter of a global business venture. You will become a significant part of a forum in which you will meet like-minded businesspeople who think in terms of opportunities that straddle national boundaries and continents.

In Fairytale Residence, Asian, Danish and other European businesspeople meet with a view to developing projects and creating results together. The business partners are global enterprises at the highest level working in a wide range of investments and fields of activities.

Fairytale Lighthouse is a network and meeting forum for capable, committed commercial partners who want to do business together across national boundaries.

Fairytale Residence + Fairytale Lighthouse
= a UNIQUE business network with tremendous potential

The combination of a Fairytale Residence, with its fairytale facilities, and Fairytale Lighthouse creates a beacon of commerce for dynamic, business-oriented stakeholders. A beacon that can be seen locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

The Fairytale Lighthouse provides inspiring illumination for Danish and Chinese/Asian stakeholders who recognise the opportunity to create and develop business opportunities by participating in an exclusive network of "like-minded people".

The Fairytale Residence business centre provides a setting for these activities and offers a way of creating and facilitating a basis for knowledge sharing and business development through relationships and presentations by research scientists and other relevant, knowledgeable individuals.

We make logistics easier with one point of contact
You and your skilled employees need to have the best opportunities for working in and from Denmark – and in and from the Fairytale Residence. The entire service organisation around the concept contributes to this with a set-up designed to make logistics easier. Aspects dealt with include a fast visa service for contacts direct to the administration at Odense City Hall, e.g. to the city's mayor, who is deeply committed to the municipality's business relations.

We work based on the principle of "one point of contact", so it is not left to your employees to connect the dots when it comes to Danish and local administration. The Mandarin-speaking service workers linked to the Fairytale Residence do that for you.

Network support comprises

Facilitating the network:

The organisation underlying the Fairytale Residence + Fairytale Lighthouse takes care of all the practical organisation of activities in the network. Aspects organised include:

  • taking care of all practical tasks in relation to network activities
  • membership administration (safeguarding data; fee payments, etc.)
  • preparing invitations to meetings/agendas/visa applications
  • putting in place the frameworks – including premises/refreshments, interpreter assistance/simultaneous interpretation, secretarial function/minutes of meetings, etc.
  • take care of chairing/facilitating meetings – including market/data verification
  • on hand to provide legal and accounting support – e.g. company formation, preparation/review of contracts, patent applications/product protection, tax legislation, accountancy services
  • ensuring qualitative vetting – including knowledge of stakeholders, preparation of price agreements, knowledge of markets and cultures, insight into business needs
  • creating the basis for effective (virtual) knowledge sharing across the network, e.g. by means of targeted global networking
  • adding new knowledge and inspiration – e.g. by means of lectures with leading global political and commercially oriented profiles

  • Matching of members to the network:

    The network strives actively to identify businesses in Denmark that are interested in entering into relationships with potential business partners in China/Asia. The network is used to search for businesses in China/Asia that might be interested in getting a foothold in the Danish market.

    In addition, contact is maintained with special interest groups (such as Udvikling Fyn (Developing Fyn Municipal Ltd), growth incubators and municipal commercial contacts) which already have – and are able to contribute – even wider networks.

  • Local anchoring; global impact

    Locally, there has been a great deal of interest in the whole Fairytale Residence project, which, in other words, can secure important local anchoring – through ongoing close contact and dialogue with the local Danish authorities. The shared agenda is for everyone to create attractive settings for commercial projects with a global impact.

    Odense Municipality, Danish commercial networks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs including the Danish Trade Council are examples of strong, committed business partners working with the entire ownership circle behind Fairytale Residence + Fairytale Lighthouse.

  • Implementation of agreements:

    Once the Fairytale Residence and Fairytale Lighthouse partners have entered into agreements and put strategies in place, this hands-on organisation delivers and implements both aspects in practice.

    It does so by:
    implementing agreements to create value – e.g. administrative and physical assistance to find suitable physical settings, to source and train staff, liaise with the authorities, etc.

    vetting of the "right" business partners in terms of achieving the partners' objectives as set out in their agreements.